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barry hewkoOur founder Mr. Barry Hewko has been active in the helicopter industry for over 40 years and is a commercial helicopter pilot who holds a current aircraft maintenance engineers licence.
Mr. Hewko has recently been inducted into the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Hall of Fame and has, in the past, served a role as general manager, director and partner of one of the largest helicopter companies in the world. He has managed the purchase and sales of over 500 helicopters and has appraised in excess of 2,000 helicopters.

Mr. Hewko sat on the Bell Helicopter Customer Advisory Board for five years assisting in developing new products and he has also received a multitude of awards that recognize his achievements in the helicopter industry. Because of his extensive experience in the Aviation field Mr. Hewko recognized a need for a helicopter association in Canada and he is a founding director of the Helicopter Association of Canada.

Mr. Hewko has since retired from flight operations. He co-founded Heli Connections Aviation lnc. with his wife Susan Hewko in 2005 and together they dedicate their time in offering common sense solutions for all segments of the helicopter industry including:barry and susan hewko

  • EMS
  • Offshore Support
  • General Charter
  • External Lift
  • Executive and Corporate
  • ENG
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Police
  • Forest Service and Fire Fighting
  • Private Owners
  • and Flight Schools


Our Expertise

Heli Connections Aviation Inc. connects people on an international level within the helicopter industry for a multitude of purposes:

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