About Us

Heli Connections Aviation Inc. was founded by Mr. Barry Hewko and his wife Susan Hewko in 2006. Together they dedicate their time in offering common sense solutions for all segments of the helicopter industry. As aviation consultants, their expertise, advice and assistance is sought by colleagues and companies around the world.

Mr. Hewko has been active in the helicopter industry for over 50 years, is a commercial helicopter pilot and holds a current Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ licence. He has been inducted into the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Hall of Fame. He has in the past served a role as general manager, director and partner of one of the largest helicopter companies in the world.

Mr. Hewko has sat on the Bell Helicopter Customer Advisory Board from 2003 until 2010 assisting in developing new products. He has received a multitude of awards that recognize his achievements in the helicopter industry. Because of his extensive experience in the field of Aviation, Mr. Hewko recognized a need for a helicopter association in Canada and therefore is a founding director of the Helicopter Association of Canada.

The Heli Connections story continues with the addition of Mr. Scott Hope to the ownership and management team. Mr. Hope holds a current Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ licence, and has been active in the helicopter industry with more than 35 years of technical management and maintenance experience. He has served in the role of Quality Assurance Manager, Director of Maintenance, and Project Manager for domestic and international helicopter operations.

Mr. Hope is an Accredited Senior Appraiser, Machinery & Technical Specialties, with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). This designation is recognised by lenders and aviation professionals worldwide, due to the high standards established by the society. Additionally, these credentials are supplemented with continuing education in the aviation specialty, and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Heli Connections utilizes a select network of consultants and experts in order to provide our customers with the most accurate technical advice, and the most up to date financial information possible. We draw on all available resources to facilitate our client’s success.

In The News

Heli Connections was recently featured in Vertical magazine, the world's premier magazine, for extensive, in-depth coverage of the civil helicopter industry.

The article shares the Heli Connections' story of how Hope, Hewko, and the company's contractors have travelled worldwide to help customers with their helicopter buying and selling, going above and beyond the basic understanding of helicopters. Our team uses various skill sets and critical factors when calculating an aircraft's true value before it is bought and sold.

Read the September 2020 issue of Vertical magazine to learn more about our experience, practices, and standards to provide exceptional service in this ever-changing industry.