Appraisal Services

Our Qualified Helicopter Appraisers Know the Market

Heli Connections Aviation Inc. is comprised of a team of appraisers, technical advisors, and other aviation professionals with extensive experience in the helicopter industry. We perform USPAP compliant and certified appraisals, on average 200 per year. Our team of experts are knowledgeable and qualified to perform evaluations for most any civilian helicopter manufactured worldwide.

Over the years Heli Connections has built solid relationships with manufacturers, operators, and overhaul facilities, which have become critical resources in the performance of our valuations. These connections have allowed us to assemble an extensive database containing vital market information, pricing, and technical data which enables us to perform appraisals with a high degree of technical accuracy. Expertise in new, overhaul, and repair costs of helicopters, engines, and components is vital to the ultimate determination of value.

Our experience in the market and technical knowledge provides aircraft operators with valuable information and data related to their assets. Heli Connections is widely recognized as a credible appraisal firm that provides confidential evaluations for a variety of lending institutions, insurance companies and equity firms that support our industry. We ask the right questions, review technical records and analyze the market to accurately determine the current value of the asset.

Benefit from a full-service appraisal firm that provides impartial and independent opinions of your aircraft value. Heli Connections is the one-stop total solution for all your helicopter appraisal needs. Contact us today for either a desktop or onsite appraisal for a single aircraft, or for your entire fleet.


Desktop Appraisals do not include physical inspection of the aircraft or associated technical records, however they do take into consideration maintenance status, installed equipment, and configuration. A desktop appraisal factors in the current maintenance, component, and engine status, the installed equipment & avionics, plus any other relevant characteristics affecting value. We study the market to determine what other like aircraft have sold for, are selling for, and we measure these comparable aircraft to ultimately determine the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the aircraft being appraised.

Additionally, we offer supplemental opinions, such as Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV), residual value forecasts, and hypothetical scenarios. Please inquire for any special requirements you may have for your appraisal needs.

Please see below general desktop appraisal pricing organized by aircraft category. This list is not exhaustive; we can appraise most any commercial helicopter in a variety of configurations, and with all approved powerplant installations. The pricing for each appraisal can range depending on the specifics of the assignment requested by the client, and the degree of research required for the project as follows:

Onsite Appraisals involve a full physical evaluation of the aircraft and technical records to the extent necessary to establish value. Should onsite verification of the asset be required, this can normally be performed in one day. The fee for a full onsite appraisal will be the desktop appraisal fee plus the onsite verification fees comprised of the following:

Daily Rate: $1200 USD
Travel Rate: $600 USD
Expenses: Actual as incurred

Fleet discounts, and discounts for repeat appraisals are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.