Pre-Purchase/Lease Evaluations

One of the most important components to the acquisition of a helicopter is the Pre-Purchase Evaluation. Helicopters are complex aircraft, and defects can go undetected if the aircraft is not thoroughly inspected prior to acquisition. Also, due to the many components and sub-components that make up these machines, a detailed examination of the technical records becomes necessary to ensure all data is accurate, and that times/cycles remaining are correct.

The pre-purchase evaluation necessitates specialized knowledge in order to diligently perform this important task, and the team of experts with Heli Connections possesses this knowledge and capability. Whether you are a Buyer or Lessee, you want us on your side to avoid any unpleasant or expensive surprises with the aircraft down the road.

In cases of leased aircraft, it is equally important for the Lessee to have a detailed evaluation performed pre-lease in order to avoid disputes with the Lessor when the aircraft is returned. Equally for the aircraft owner, it is important to accurately determine condition and component status of the asset post-lease. Allow Heli Connections to perform a post-lease inspection to protect your interests.

A comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation by Heli Connections will include at a minimum the detailed accomplishment of the following:

A complete visual inspection of the aircraft structure, components, and powerplant.
A serial number check of the installed components, to be verified against the actual technical records.
Whenever possible, a ground run and test flight performed by the Vendor, with Heli Connections on board to observe/record any anomalies, and to perform power assurance checks.
A borescope inspection of the engine(s) to determine general condition, and check for evidence of compressor damage or hot section distress.
A review of logbook chronology to determine that all records back to birth are present.
An examination of the technical records including component historical records. Review of certifications such as Form 1’s, 8130’s, and manufacturers releases.
An examination of the engine logbooks to verify installed accessory’s, and cycle counting.
A review of the current Weight and Balance report, and verification of installed equipment & equipment list.
A review of all STC’s, modifications, and repairs to ensure conformity to local airworthiness requirements.
A review of Airworthiness Directives, and mandatory bulletins to ensure compliance; FAA, TC, and EASA.

Dependant upon aircraft type, location, and working conditions, a thorough pre-purchase evaluation will typically take 3 to 5 days. At completion of the evaluation, Heli Connection will supply a detailed report complete with photos, detailing all observations and defects noted, plus any discrepancies found in the technical records. We can make recommendations on eligibility for import or export, and always endeavour to facilitate the transaction whatever it may be.